Future Students at a Recruitment Event

Supporting UT Austin's Continuing & Professional Education Programs for Increased Impact

Our Mission

The core mission of Extended Education Ventures (EEV) is to enable the development, delivery, and promotion of continuing and professional education programs across the University, bringing proven experience, a service orientation, and a collaborative mindset to campus partnerships that translate university expertise into meaningful career-focused education and training opportunities.

With over 100 years’ experience delivering programs for nontraditional students and a scalable staffing model, we have the expertise and resources to help you. EEV works with academic units in a variety of ways to develop and deliver both credit-bearing and non-credit programs, providing opportunities for faculty and university affiliates to engage with non-traditional students from a variety of backgrounds. Teaching in these programs helps faculty place their expertise in context, enhancing their teaching, research, and service.

Our History

Continuing education was launched at UT Austin in 1909 to "increase the usefulness of the University to the people of Texas." Throughout our history, campus-wide collaboration has resulted in innovations and cutting-edge delivery to serve students and their communities. Visionaries tackled barriers to education with offerings that evolved from by-mail correspondence into 24/7 online courses.

Through the years, programs such as the University Interscholastic League and radio station KUT were created and nurtured. Later, educators responded to business needs in the oil and gas industry to create professional training to support that leading Texas industry, just as we continue to address needs across high-tech and other growing industries.

Recent News & Articles

EEV Receives UPCEA Excellence in Marketing Award

Nov. 21, 2023
The award recognizes a successful earned media marketing campaign conducted in collaboration with UT's Computer & Data Science Online (CDSO) team in January 2023. The campaign announcing the launch of CDSO's new online Master's of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI) degree resulted in coverage of the program in the The New York Times and an all-time high number of applicants for one of their cohorts.

Going back to school isn’t just for kids any more

Aug. 26, 2022
The education required for successful, fulfilling careers has shifted as the business world accelerates. One approach to get the needed education: microcredentials.

National College Decision Day Should Be For Everyone

May 1, 2022
For public universities, lifelong learning is a crucial part of serving the community.

To be continued

March 2, 2022
Education is not just for traditional students, and Art Markman wants to take UT’s continuing and professional education to the next level for a growing state.