About EEV

About Extended Education Ventures

Supporting Campus Programs

Extended Education Ventures (EEV) provides services to and shared resources for all continuing and professional education (CPE) programs on campus.

Services available include:

  • Development and maintenance of the Extended Campus gateway website that funnels prospective students to sites for individual programs.
  • Oversight of policies, processes, contracts, and maintenance associated with digital badges used as credentials.
  • Development and maintenance of a registration system that will be available for all units (though not required to be used by all units) and integrated Canvas resources.
  • Development and maintenance of a system for creating a universal learner record for students.
  • Hosting Option III information fairs that include all interested programs.

A modest fee is levied to cover the costs of these services.


Fees for Services

As a service organization, EEV’s financial goals are to:

  • Recoup direct expenses as close to cost as possible.
  • Cover costs for our services with minimal overhead.
  • Maximize the program's value while turning over as much program margin to the CSUs as possible, as soon as is feasible.

EEV offers flexible financial models, and will work with units to identify cost-effective solutions. Startup funding assistance for new programs is available.