Technology Infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure

Extended Education Ventures (EEV) offers technology and digital resource infrastructure to support the primary activities of continuing and professional education (CPE) units, enabling further reach for campus CPE. 

EEV’s technology infrastructure is a fully-integrated set of systems and platforms that can accommodate a full lifecycle of learner recruitment, registration, and course delivery. Our tech stack includes best in class technologies such as Salesforce, MuleSoft, UT Box, Canvas, Marketo, Google Analytics and Tableau. When implemented as a whole, use of our tech stack can save you time, lower costs, and maximize value for your continuing and professional education initiatives and activities. 

EEV also supports campus units with our custom-built registration and student information system that processes about 7,000 enrollments per year. Our system allows units to maintain their own branding and connects to a unit’s website or a page EEV creates. The system handles both non-credit and credit-bearing registrations and integrates with DEFINE, TSYS – the credit card gateway, and the university’s main registration system.

Planning for the Future

In June 2022, EEV completed a four-month discovery project to imagine and develop a plan for modernizing our registration and student information system. Our future system will be custom built to support continuing and professional education at UT Austin. It will be adaptable, secure, and efficient, with improved data analytics and reporting. The system will be designed to be useable by various CPE units, while allowing units to maintain their own branding and data security. EEV will leverage existing technologies, platforms, solutions, and skill sets within EEV and the university. IT will be supported by an in-house support team within EEV. EEV selected Salesforce as the platform and expect to begin development in 2023.


There is a fee associated with these services. You can take advantage of all of them, or use just a few to fill in gaps in your technology infrastructure.

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