Marketing Services

Marketing Services

The Marketing Team at Extended Education Ventures can increase the visibility of your program by combining our marketing strategy and planning experience with our powerful suite of digital platforms and tools to identify and engage your audience. 

How We Can Work With You

If your CSU is interested in engaging with us to expand your audience and amplify your outreach, we offer the following options.

Integrated Digital Marketing

At the heart of our marketing tech stack is Marketo, one of the top marketing automation tools available, which enables us to capture the attention of potential learners, nurture their interest, and track their progress through registering or submitting an application. 

  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Search and Display Advertising
  • Lead generation and Remarketing
  • Social Media Integration
  • SEO Analysis and Support

Content Development

To maximize the impact of your/our time and marketing budgets, we aim to get as much value out of our creative work as possible, developing content and creating audio, video, and design assets that can be used across our range of marketing channels and platforms.

  • Print and Digital Ad Development
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Multi-media Storytelling

Event Planning & Management

We have experience planning and implementing a wide variety of online and in-person events, from lunchtime webinars to multi-program recruitment fairs.

  • Lead Generation Webinars
  • Program Fairs
  • Hybrid Lectures


There is a fee associated with these services, which varies by the amount of work required and what preexisting marketing assets are available at the start of a project.

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