Launching New Programs

Launching New Programs

Extended Education Ventures' (EEV) mission is to enable the development, delivery, and promotion of continuing and professional education programs across the university. By extending knowledge and resources to academic units across campus, EEV reduces barriers to entry for new non-credit and Option III programs, and helps units to expand their reach, revenues, and impact.

Services include:

  • Market research.
  • Business model development, including goals, budget, metrics, and benchmarks.
  • Assistance developing and processing required university, State, or industry-specific approvals.
  • Development of a marketing strategy and plan.
  • Set up registration or application tools and processes.
  • Setting up a customer resource management system.
  • Setting up payment and financial aid options.
  • Development of program websites.
  • Course scheduling support.
  • Non-EID Canvas support.
  • Non-matriculated student support processes and policies.
  • Instructional design.

Our services are provided for a fee. You can take advantage of all of them, or use just a few of our services to fill in gaps in your program development due to time and staffing constraints.

When appropriate, EEV may provide some startup funds for programs that do not have sufficient initial resources to launch. Repayment schedules for services and funds will be developed in conjunction with units.

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