Marketing Tools & Templates

Marketing Tools & Templates

These documents offer a head start to individuals fulfilling marketing functions for their UT Austin program, particularly within departments that are new to marketing their programs or for individual marketers who need help directing the efforts of support staff.

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Template – FY2022-23 Marketing Budget

Use this template for projecting and tracking marketing and advertising expenses across a three-semester academic year. The example worksheet includes a breakdown by channel and platform. Along with standard search advertising and social media platforms, local and UT-based marketing opportunities are included.

With built-in formulas that calculate budgeted and actual spend (two separate columns) at the platform, channel, semester and annual level, you can use this tool for planning and tracking throughout the year.

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UTM Codes - Link Builder and Tracker Tool

UTM code is a simple snippet of code that can be added to the end of a URL to track the performance of marketing campaigns, platforms, and content in Google Analytics.

To get started using UTM codes in your marketing, check out our  Guide to Using UTM Codes for Marketing Links where you'll find an introduction to the concept along with examples of some commonly used codes and links for further reading.

When you're ready to start using UTM-tagged links, use our UTM Codes Link Builder & Tracker Tool to create and store your tagged links.

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Template – Basic Editorial Calendar

Use this template to plan a variety of communications throughout the year. This editorial calendar was designed for use by small teams coordinating email marketing, social media engagement, and blog article publishing, so there are columns added to facilitate content assignments and approvals.

Note: The social media worksheets include a Facebook label, but they can be duplicated and edited to fit your mix of social media channels.

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Template – Marketing Tactics Matrix

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with a colleague or your supervisor where you’re trying to enumerate the breadth of your marketing tactics?

If so, then this document is going to be a big help!

Organized by channel along with a breakdown for various platforms within each channel, the starter content includes both broad marketing and advertising platforms and UT-specific, local advertising platforms. The notes section can be used for recording contact information for platforms where ad orders go through an account representative.

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Template – Radio Advertising Tracker

Not everyone has experience writing radio ads or purchasing air-time. This resource includes a worksheet with example ads for commercial (E.g. 101X) and non-commercial (E.g. KUT) radio advertising at standard 15-second and 30-second lengths.

Keeping an archive of your radio ads makes it much faster and easier to manage radio advertising purchases, particularly if you advertise over the radio infrequently.

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