Delivering Programs

Delivering Programs

Whether you develop your programs independently or with support from EEV, we can provide ongoing support to run open enrollment programs.

Support options include:

  • Budgeting and accounting.
  • Marketing implementation including campaign planning, ad buying, tracking, and reporting.
  • Recruitment support including individualized responses to inquiries.
  • Enrollment support for prospective and current students, including registration, payment processing, management of external funding sources, and admissions flow management.
  • First tier non-academic support for prospective and current students.
  • IT support for customer relationship management (CRM) via Salesforce.
  • Support for required and requested university reporting.
  • Ongoing collaboration with unit for continuous improvement.
  • Policy support and non-academic support for enrolled students (e.g., requests for refunds, extensions, medical, or ADA accommodations; student grievances).
  • Event planning.
  • Event space.

There is a fee associated with these support services. EEV will charge a per student cost or a proportion of the revenues, to be determined through an agreement with the College, School or Unit (CSU). The goal is for CSUs to keep the majority of revenues, with EEV covering costs.

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